Give me back
what's mine.


2014.08.21 - Darien Center, NY

can you make gifs of phoenix taking his shirt off from that video of them playing soccer???



I can do whatever you want))
You need only ask me))

holy motherfucking jesus


We’re still growing. We’re not stagnant at all. We’re not going to make the same album every time, so don’t even expect it. We lost fans along the way intentionally. We intentionally let them go. We said, If that’s all you guys want to listen to, we made two albums for you. You’ve got those two albums and you can always listen to those. If you decide to come along for the ride, though, the good news is that there’s going to be a lot of fun surprises.

— Mike Shinoda



For the Deftones there was nothing weird about being Latino and making rock music, but others didn’t always see it that way.

“When Deftones first started a lot of people were like isn’t that weird that you guys are mostly a Mexican band playing Heavy Metal?” says Camilo Wong Moreno lead singer of Grammy award winning band Deftones. “I never thought of it as a weird thing until people started mentioning it especially like overseas. People were like this is very odd, I was like no, Latinos are rockers too.

"Isn’t it weird you guys are a mostly mexican band playing heavy metal"

Translation: “what the hell are you non white guys doing playing heavy metal music? This isn’t for you!”

Metalness is next to Mexicanliness.

Linkin Park’s albums + discs