A Line In The Sand
carolee - 20 - usa - texas
This is a blog dedicated to Linkin Park.

9.6.14 - Dallas, Tx. 
I took more videos than pics so I decided I’d share some of my shaky concert vids haha. All I can say is it was all worth it.

chester’s reaction tho i mean he tweets exciting stuff but hardly uses caps lmfao sooo lol makes me wonder if he laughed out loud or something

"If Mike has 6 great songs that are disco songs, then I’m gonna sing them because they’re great songs."
- Chester Bennington, believing in everything that Mike makes. 

idk crappy LP sketches. SAI is fun to sketch on. click for captions/bigger size


My favorite lyric off of The Hunting Party.

this is what happens when you skype with lemonninjaa at midnight and let her tell you what to draw omfg